BusConf 2020

6.Aug - 8.Aug 2020, Rückersbach, Germany


BusConf is an Open Space unconference. This means there is no fixed program. What takes place at BusConf is what those attending BusConf want to happen. We just provide the logistics. Ever noticed how coffee breaks at traditional conferences can lead to the most interesting discussions with like-minded people? Think of BusConf as the ultimate coffee break with delicious FP-flavored coffee.

So how does it work?

Each morning we will gather to create the schedule for the day. Anyone can step forward to create a session. Sessions can take quite different shapes:

A discussion

You might be looking for input on a topic that is important for you. A discussion is a great way to get new perspectives from peers in the FP community.

A talk

You can also run your session as a presentation with slides and Q&A!

A request

We all have topics we’d love to research further. Perhaps you haven’t had time, or struggled to get started. Now’s your moment to do it with others

A hands-on session

Another popular kind of session is the hands-on or workshop session. Run a Pair- or Mob-Programming Session, solve katas or exercises together. Code away!

You are not limited to those examples either: Just propose anything that you and the others at the event might enjoy.

Each proposed session will be put on our schedule with the info who runs the session and where it will take place. Of course not everyone needs to run a session. Attending and asking questions during a session is just as important.